The Tokyo you have never seen


Experience a different Tokyo. Stay in a Japanese Ryokan or a first class hotel. Join the walking tour of the back roads of one of Tokyo’s downtown “Yanaka” area.


The old town of Yanaka, which still retains the old cordial atmosphere and history, is a residential area of the common people. There are many temples around the town because, after a big fire in 1657, the temples around the Edo castle moved to this area where they could thrive, undamaged by fire. There are also many old houses that remind you of the history of Old Edo and make you feel as if you have gone back in time.

Visit the grave of Yoshinobu Tokugawa – the last shogun buried in the Shinto-style tomb; the Takamori Saigo image – One of prominent statesmen at the time of the Meiji Restoration in 1868; Toshogu shrine – erected in 1627 in memory of Ieyasu Tokugawa, founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate; the Tokyo National Museum and Kan-eiji Temple – the most important Buddhist center in Edo during the Tokugawa regime.

Purchase a colorful fan made from centuries-old art of Japanese papermaking at ISETATSU craft store. Dating back to the Edo era and selling Edo style paper with colorful figures or patterns and Edo style carton Pierre, a kind of papier-mache, imitative of stone or bronze. There are over 1,000 different designs, which represent life and fashion of the common people of different times during the Edo era. This type of paper with colorful figures and patterns is made through the intense efforts of craftsmen.



DAY 01 – Arrival in Narita Airport. Meet and assist by an English-speaking representative to direct you to the appropriate bus stop directly to the hotel or by train to Ueno. For Ryokans, take taxi from/to Ueno station on your own. Overnight at hotel or ryokan.

DAY 02 – Breakfast. Morning free.
Afternoon Yanaka walking tour. Overnight at hotel or ryokan.

DAY 03 – Breakfast. Free day. Optional tours to a full day Edo Tokyo tour visiting the Shiodome area, Hama-Rikyu Garden, Tsuki-ji Outer Fish market and the Edo-Tokyo Museum. Overnight at hotel or ryokan.

DAY 04 – Breakfast. Free day until departure to the airport or make your way to the train station for train to the airport.

Your package includes:

Round trip transfers airport/hotel or closest train station to Ryokan
3 night accommodation Hotel or Ryokan
Daily breakfast
Walking tour of Yanaka area. (Tue/Thu/Sat Only) – Seat in coach

Not included:

Taxi to/from Ryokan not included
Entrance fees
Personal expenses



Starts: Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal



Enjoy Kabuki play until the finale (Reserved seat on 3rd floor) at the KABUKI-ZA. Kabuki is Japan’s most celebrated traditional stage art performed to the accompaniment of songs, dances and music. Its superb performances, gorgeous costume, brightly colored makeup, spectacular stage settings with mechanisms such as trapdoors, a revolving stage, etc. will never fail to fascinate all audience.


Enjoy a Japanese style dinner “Sukiyaki”, “Tempura”, “Sashimi” or vegetarian meal of your choice at a local restaurant. Stroll ODAIBA WATERFRONT area, drive through RAINBOW BRIDGE and ROPPONGI HILLS – Enjoy fantastic night view from 250m above sea level.



Visit the MEIJI SHINTO SHRINE – Japan’s most famous Shinto shrine dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his consort. Drive By the NATIONAL DIET BUILDING; the IMPERIAL PALACE EAST GARDEN – The ground was once the site of old Edo Castle. The garden includes a tea pavilion, a Japanese garden, moats stonewalls etc,. On Mon. and Fri. when the garden is closed, visit Imperial Palace Plaza instead; The ASAKUSA KANNON TEMPLE – the oldest and most popular Buddhist temple in Tokyo; and the NAKAMISE SHOPPING ARCADE – a colorful shopping arcade leading to the temple, lined with tiny food and souvenir shops. Drive through GINZA Shopping District and enjoy a delicious lunch at a restaurant “Pastel-Tei”, overlooking the Japanese garden, HAMA-RIKYU. Board the “SYMPHONY”, the modern and luxurious ship, for a fifty-minute cruise of Tokyo Bay. Drive over RAINBOW BRIDGE and visit the futuristic waterfront city, constructed on the reclaimed land by the side of ODAIBA, small island with the batter made by Tokugawa Shogunate.


Visit the ZOJOJI TEMPLE – The gate, the oldest wooden structure in Tokyo, has been designated by the state as an important cultural property. Its name “Sangedatsumon” means a gate (mon) for getting delivered (gedatsu) from three (san) earthly states of mind greed, anger and stupidity. Proceed to the IMPERIAL PALACE EAST GARDEN – The ground was once the site of old Edo Castle. The garden includes a tea pavilion, a Japanese garden, moats, stonewalls etc. On Fri. when the garden is closed, visit Imperial Palace Plaza instead.; Visit the MITSUO AIDA MUSEUM – As a Zen Buddhist, brush-and-ink calligrapher and poet, Mitsuo Aida continued to pursue his own words and his own calligraphy. You can feel the value of his works physically and emotionally. Visit AMEYOKO SHOPPING MALL – The famous discount market between JR Ueno sta. and JR Okachimachi Station. Lunch on your own. Last stop at the AKIHABARA ELECTRIC TOWN – Some thousand electric appliance stores line both sides of a 1km stretch of road where shoppers can find everything including household electric goods, audio-video equipment, personal computers etc.




1100-0900 the following day

“Ooedo Onsen Monogatari” was opened on March 1st, 2003 in “Odaiba”, Tokyo. The meaning of its name is; the word “Ooedo” comes from “Edo period” which is AD.1586 to AD.1911 in Japan, “Onsen” means “Hot Spring” and “Monogatari” means, “Story”.

It is not just a place for hot springs but also a theme park of “Edo Period” which includes play grounds for Japanese traditional games and toys, a theater, a gallery, restaurants, bars, food courts, massage places, fortune teller shops and shops for goods and souvenirs. Try the “Doctor Fish” – The fish are like combfishes in that they only consume the affected and dead areas of the skin, leaving the healthy skin to grow, with the outdoor location of the treatment beneficial effects.

You can go there and spend all day to have a fun and also be relaxed at the same day! Also, you can experience the feeling of being in the very famous Japanese animated movie called “Sen to Chihiro” (“SPIRITED AWAY” in English)

There are several types of hot spring. Some of them are placed inside and others are placed outside (with in the site of the building). They are all “Natural Hot Spring” which the water is from 1,400 meter below the place and boiled up to 34.8c. It is supposed to be good for Neuralgia, Muscular pain and Joint ache.

Men and women are usually separated, however, there are other types of bath, which couples can enjoy together. For instance, a hot spring for only legs and feet, “Sand Sauna” and “Rock Sauna” which all can be enjoyed with wearing “Yukata”.

They have a free rental service of “Yukata”. They prepare a variety of patterns of “Yukata” to choose it from.

Access From “JR Shimbashi” Station, transfer to “Yurikamome Line” and get off at “Telecom Center” Station. It is 2 min. walk from the station. (You can see the place from the station) Near Nikko Tokyo Hotel.




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